Publication Process

The journal is edited and reviewed by a team of experts from India, Sweden, and Germany. The journal publishes high-quality research articles, reviews, and short communications. Acceleron Aerospace Journal is a peer-reviewed journal that follows the highest standards of academic publishing. The journal is open access, which means that all articles are freely available to read, download, and share. This makes the journal accessible to a global audience of researchers and scholars.

Publication Process

Publication Process of Acceleron Aerospace Journal:

  • Manuscript submission: Authors can submit their manuscripts online through the journal's website “Make a Submission”. The manuscript should be formatted according to the journal's guidelines.
  • Initial screening: The submitted manuscripts will be initially screened by the editorial team to ensure that they are within the scope of the journal and meet the required quality standards.
  • Peer review: The manuscripts that pass the initial screening will be sent out for peer review. The peer reviewers will be experts in the field of the manuscript and will provide their assessment of the manuscript's quality and originality.
  • Editorial decision: The editorial team will make a decision based on the peer reviewers' reports. The decision can be one of the following: accept, accept with minor revisions, accept with major revisions, or reject.
  • Revision: If the manuscript is accepted with revisions, the authors will be asked to revise the manuscript and resubmit it.
  • Publication: Once the revised manuscript is approved, it will be published online.

The editorial process for Acceleron Aerospace Journal is designed to ensure that only high-quality research is published in the journal. The peer review process is an important part of this process, as it allows experts in the field to provide their assessment of the manuscripts.

Here are some additional details about the editorial process:

  • The peer review process is double-blind, which means that the authors and the reviewers do not know each other's identities. This helps to ensure that the reviews are fair and objective.
  • The peer review process is usually completed within 6-8 weeks.
  • The editorial team will provide the authors with feedback on the peer reviewers' reports. This feedback will help the authors to revise their manuscripts and improve their quality.