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Welcome to the Acceleron Aerospace Journal (AAJ) Conference Publication page, your gateway to a global platform supporting innovative research across sophomores and graduate scholars in the diverse realms of aerospace and related sciences.

About Acceleron Aerospace Journal

AAJ is the pioneer international platform exclusively designed to showcase cutting-edge research contributions from both sophomores and graduate scholars. We categorize our articles under various disciplines, including general sciences, space advancements, aerospace sciences, aeronautics, astronautics, cutting-edge engineering technologies, and interconnected dimensions related to space exploration.

We take pride in our significant impact scores of 0.2 & 1.1 (ASI-FY 2022-2023) and our exceptional index presence in major databases such as Google Scholar, NASA Astrophysics Data System, CORE, Semantic Scholar, ResearchGate, Directory of Research Journal Index, Asian Science Citation Index, WorldCat Index, Open Ukrainian Citation Index, and Miscellaneous.

AAJ is registered under ISSN India with the identification number ISSN:2583-9942 (Online), and all our content is registered with the DOI Foundation & Crossref. The journal possesses a DOI prefix of

Open Access Model

We operate on an Open Access (OA) model, ensuring that all our articles are publicly available for reading without subscription. This approach enhances accessibility for global researchers, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Editorial Team and Reviewers

Our editorial team and reviewers, located in India, Germany, and Sweden, are committed to ensuring the quality of the journal's content. The editorial flow and management are facilitated by the Open Journal Systems (OJS) from PKP/Simon Fraser University.

Publication Process

The AAJ publication process is designed for efficiency and transparency. It involves submission, journal precheck, article rewriting, double-blinded peer review, copyediting, production, and publication. The entire process, from submission to publication, takes an average of ~28-30 days. Our first editorial decision is made within 10 days, reflecting our commitment to timely dissemination of groundbreaking research. With an impressive acceptance rate of 86% for the entire class of articles, we ensure that your research receives the attention it deserves.

Connect with Us for Conference Publication

If you are interested in showcasing your research at the Acceleron Aerospace Journal Conference, submit your proposal or manuscript to and Our team is eager to review your work and facilitate its contribution to the advancement of aerospace knowledge.

Thank you for considering Acceleron Aerospace Journal for your conference publication needs. We look forward to collaborating with you on this exciting journey of exploration and innovation.