Journal Archiving

Welcome to Acceleron Aerospace Journal, where we are committed to preserving the valuable contributions of aerospace researchers and enthusiasts. Our dedication to archiving is amplified through the use of the PKP Preservation Network (PKP PN), ensuring the long-term accessibility and security of our published content.

The PKP Preservation Network Advantage:
At Acceleron Aerospace Journal, we recognize that archiving is not just about safeguarding the past; it's about nurturing the future of aerospace knowledge. Our partnership with the PKP PN extends the reach and reliability of our archiving efforts.

Seamless Preservation:
PKP PN seamlessly integrates with our journal management system, allowing us to deposit and preserve your research effortlessly. This collaborative approach ensures that every article, paper, and study remains accessible and unaltered for posterity.

Multiple Preservation Providers:
With PKP PN, we have the flexibility to choose from a network of certified preservation providers, assuring redundancy and reducing the risk of data loss. Your work is stored securely across geographically diverse repositories.

Ensuring Compliance:
Acceleron Aerospace Journal understands the importance of compliance with funding agency requirements and industry standards. PKP PN assists us in meeting these obligations while maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of our archived content.

Future-Proofing Aerospace Knowledge:
In the dynamic field of aerospace, innovation knows no bounds. Our archiving through PKP PN ensures that the knowledge generated today becomes a foundation for tomorrow's breakthroughs, promoting the continuous evolution of aerospace science and technology.

User-Friendly Access:
Our archived content is structured and organized for user-friendly access. Whether you're a researcher, scholar, or enthusiast, finding and retrieving past publications is a breeze, facilitating your research and exploration of aerospace advancements.

Join Our Archiving Efforts:
We invite you to be part of our mission by contributing your research and insights to Acceleron Aerospace Journal. Together, we not only advance the frontiers of aerospace knowledge but also ensure that this knowledge endures through robust archiving practices.

Contact Us:
If you have any inquiries or would like to learn more about our archiving procedures in collaboration with PKP PN, please don't hesitate to reach out to our editorial team. We're here to support your engagement with our archived content.

Thank you for entrusting your aerospace research to Acceleron Aerospace Journal and the PKP Preservation Network. Together, we archive, we innovate, and we inspire the future of aerospace exploration.