Article Processing Charges

At our esteemed journal, we uphold a steadfast commitment to maintaining the highest research quality and standards, consistently supported by our experienced journal editors, reviewers, and guest editors. In order to compensate our dedicated reviewers and sustain our mission of excellence, we have instituted Article Processing Charges (APC) for every submitted article. These charges cover the assignment of a digital object identifier (DOI) and ensure complete open access to the published content.

APC Structure for Different Designations:

Below is the APC structure for authors based on their designation, differentiated for Indian and International authors:

[Note: The above APC includes complete open access and the assignment of a DOI]

Designation Indian Author (INR) International Author (USD)
Student Scholar 1000 30
UG & PG Scholar 2000 50
Research Scholar 5000 100
PhD Scholar 8000 180
Professionals 10000 290

APC Variation for Different Manuscript Types:

In addition to the standard articles, the APC may vary based on the manuscript type. Below is the breakdown of APC for various manuscript types, distinguishing between Indian and International authors:

Manuscript Type Indian Author (INR) International Author (USD)
One-Page Abstract 500 20
Short Abstract 500 20
E-Letters 1000 30
Comments and Feedbacks 1500 50

Editing and Proofreading Services (Exceptional):

In pursuit of maintaining a superior standard, we offer exceptional editing and proofreading services aligned with journal and paper standards. Our experts work diligently to refine your manuscript, ensuring it adheres to scientific technical terms, remains free from plagiarism, and upholds the highest English quality.

Manuscript Page Count Indian Author (INR) International Author (USD)
1-5 1499 30
5-10 2699 50
15-20 4999 100

Please be advised that the charges for editing and proofreading services are irrespective of the manuscript type.

For any inquiries or further details regarding the Article Processing Charges or Editing and Proofreading Services, kindly reach out to our journal administration at