A Critical Review on Superconducting Semi-Cryogenic Fuels for Advanced Space Propulsion and Deep Space Missions





Cryogenic Fuel, Propulsion, Human Space Missions, Semi-Cryogenic Fuels, Propellant Storage


The exploration of deep space necessitates revolutionary propulsion technologies to overcome the vast distances involved. This review critically evaluates the potential of superconducting semi-cryogenic fuels as a game-changing approach for spacecraft propulsion. Superconductors, exhibiting zero electrical resistance at low temperatures, offer significant advantages for efficient electromagnetic thrust generation. However, achieving the ultra-low temperatures typically required for superconductivity presents logistical challenges for spacecraft. This review explores the use of semi-cryogenic fuels like liquid hydrogen and methane, enabling operation at more manageable temperatures while leveraging the benefits of superconductivity. The review delves into the challenges of boil-off loss and analyzes various mitigation techniques like multilayer insulation, 3M glass bubbles, active cooling systems, and Zero Point Boil Off (ZBO).  Furthermore, it highlights the potential performance gains of superconducting semi-cryogenic propulsion systems, including significant weight reduction and improved efficiency.  Critical considerations such as radiation exposure and the need for further research in high-temperature superconductors and computational modeling are discussed.  Overall, this review underscores the promising path that superconducting semi-cryogenic fuels offer for advancing deep space exploration.


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Author Biography

Panta Sasikanth, N.B.K.R Institute of Science and Technology, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India 524413

Pant Sasikanth is a passionate researcher currently pursuing studies at N.B.K.R Institute of Science and Technology in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India. With a keen interest in cutting-edge technologies, Sasikanth's research focuses on the intersection of cryogenic fuel, advanced propulsion, and deep space missions. Dedicated to pushing the boundaries of space exploration, Sasikanth's work aims to contribute to the development of innovative solutions for future space missions.




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Panta Sasikanth. (2024). A Critical Review on Superconducting Semi-Cryogenic Fuels for Advanced Space Propulsion and Deep Space Missions. Acceleron Aerospace Journal, 2(3), 226–231. https://doi.org/10.61359/11.2106-2414