Autonomous Droid for Terrestrial Research and Intelligence (ATRi)




ATRi, Droid, Terrestrial Research and Intelligence, Space Capsule, Space Experiments


ATRi (Autonomous droid for Terrestrial Research and Intelligence) is an autonomous and sentient droid designed to assist space crews with various activities and experiments. The artificially intelligent droid autonomously navigates inside crewed space capsules and utilizes voice and visual recognition algorithms to receive commands, record basic readings, and assist the crew in performing various experiments. ATRi's machine learning algorithms can be tailored to the specific astronaut(s) it will accompany in the space capsule. This personalized approach not only assists astronauts but also fosters a sense of companionship. This paper provides details about the physical and algorithmic characteristics of the droid and outlines how it can be trained and deployed in any crewed space capsule. The droid will be powered by a sentient program that incorporates visual recognition (including facial recognition and video recording capabilities), natural language processing, voice recognition, and speech synthesis. Six microphones and two cameras are embedded to capture audio/voice commands and visuals. While the current version of the droid is fixed to the space capsule, future iterations are envisioned to be highly mobile in zero-gravity environments within any crewed space capsule. This mobility is facilitated by a sophisticated motion control system that enables the droid to align in any direction, rotate, and navigate inside the crewed space module. In addition to assisting the crew, ATRi will document all activities inside the capsule through photos and videos. It can process images and videos, automatically categorize them, and periodically communicate the information to ground control.


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Author Biographies

Ramesh Kumar V, Founder & CEO, Grahaa Space (Akshath Aerospace Private Limited), Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Ramesh Kumar V, an accomplished entrepreneur, serves as the Founder and CEO of Grahaa Space. With a background in electrical engineering and an MBA from Manipal University, he brings a wealth of expertise to his role. Over the course of his illustrious 16-year career, Ramesh has successfully established three startups, two in India and one in Singapore, amassing a combined revenue exceeding half a million dollars. Furthermore, his contributions extend beyond entrepreneurship, as evidenced by his co-authorship of five technical books utilized in distance learning programs at numerous universities.

Loganathan Muthusamy, MD, Grahaa Space (Akshath Aerospace Private Limited), Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Dr. Loganathan Muthusamy, an ex-ISRO professional, boasts a rich career spanning all phases of space missions, from ground segment applications to spacecraft mission planning, launch pad systems, space control stations, and payload processing centers. Currently serving as the Director of SRMSat at SRM University and the Director of Space Program at NMIT, Dr. Muthusamy is a seasoned leader contributing significantly to satellite technology and space exploration. His background in the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) adds a valuable dimension to his expertise in advancing space-related initiatives.




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