Health Support System for Space Astronauts




Space disease, circadian rhythm, bowel movement suppressed, rotating presidency of twelve-organ (RPTO), membrane-door, president period of Sanjiao, dark magnetic field, Organ Rhythm Conditioner


Space disease among astronauts presents a complex medical challenge with elusive origins, resisting traditional diagnostic methods. This study explores a comparative analysis between the rotational dynamics of the twelve-organ presidency and circadian rhythms, revealing a consistent stagnation in the visceral organ rhythm during the president period of Sanjiao in space astronauts. This abnormal rhythm prompts an investigation into its potential role as the fundamental cause of space disease. Experiments on Earth, employing an Organ Rhythm Conditioner and specific regulating programs, suggest a promising method to alleviate this condition. However, the validity of this approach remains pending verification. Beyond space disease, the study advocates for a comprehensive diagnostic framework, considering factors such as onset time, rotational dynamics of visceral organs, JingQi pathways, and optimal physiological function time. Treatment strategies focusing on regulating visceral organ rhythms offer a new perspective for analyzing the etiology of diverse diseases.


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Author Biography

Wenjun Fo, 502, Unit 3, Building 12, Shanghewan North District, Miyun District, Beijing, China

Wenjun Fo, an independent researcher, is currently dedicated to unraveling the essence of Human Channels. In his research, he has observed certain phenomena that appear to be approaching objectivity through empirical instruments. Specifically, persistent feelings of extreme fatigue, excessive sleepiness, localized pain, or abnormal awakenings with nocturnal restroom visits over several days may indicate congestion within the intra-organ channels. The occurrence time corresponds to a specific time period, revealing potential issues with the associated visceral organ. This serves as an early cautionary signal for impending diseases originating from the Human Channels, as detailed in the referenced time table list in his article. Exploring the intricate ways Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) decodes complex and diverse diseases, Fu's series of articles shed light on the systematic understanding of time-based medicine. Delve into his publications to comprehend how TCM navigates through challenging ailments and unveils the underlying regularities governing temporal medicine.




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