A Short Review on Mercury Exploration Challenges


  • Malaya Kumar Biswal M




Mercury Exploration, Mercury Missions, Space Exploration, MEXAG


The pursuit of scientific exploration missions to Mercury presents a complex array of challenges arising from the planet's extreme proximity to the Sun and unique environmental conditions. This comprehensive review systematically examines the obstacles inherent in such endeavors, including the vast distance between Earth and Mercury, temperature differentials, solar flares, and landing complexities. The challenges encompass communication disruptions, energy production issues, and the critical task of selecting suitable landing sites. The paper emphasizes the need for strategic solutions and technological advancements to overcome these hurdles, contributing not only to the success of the mission but also to the broader advancement of space exploration. The intricate analysis underscores the importance of addressing these challenges to enhance our understanding of Mercury and to pave the way for future missions that expand the boundaries of human knowledge in our solar system.


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Malaya Kumar Biswal M. (2023). A Short Review on Mercury Exploration Challenges. Acceleron Aerospace Journal, 1(4), 92–94. https://doi.org/10.61359/11.2106-2319