A Novel Approach to Eradicate Space Debris with Eddy Current





Space Debris, Eddy Current, Space Debris Mitigation, Space Debris Management, Space Debris Tracking


The exploration of space and the ever-expanding network of satellites have led to remarkable advancements in aerospace technology. However, the proliferation of space debris has become a growing concern. This paper delves into the future implications of space junks, the current efforts in space debris management, and the vital role of advanced technologies in controlling space traffic. Specifically, it explores the uniqueness and potential of utilizing eddy current technology as a promising approach to tackle the space debris challenge.


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Author Biography

Bhavana MS, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kerala Technological University, Kerala, India

Bhavana M S is an accomplished individual in the field of Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Aerospace and Space Science. She earned her Bachelor's degree (B.Tech) in Mechanical Engineering, demonstrating her commitment to academic excellence and dedication to her chosen field. Currently affiliated with Kerala Technological University, Bhavana's academic journey has been marked by a passion for aerospace and space science, which has guided her pursuits and areas of interest. Her curiosity about the intricacies of this captivating realm has led her to delve deeply into the subject matter, making her a prominent figure in the arena.




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Bhavana MS. (2023). A Novel Approach to Eradicate Space Debris with Eddy Current. Acceleron Aerospace Journal, 1(2), 30–34. https://doi.org/10.61359/11.2106-2307