Review on Photometric Study of Variable Stars




Variable Star, Photometry, IRAF, Light Curve


This literature review focuses on variable stars, which exhibit changes in brightness over time. This topic is vital in astronomical research, particularly due to the abundance of telescope data available in archives. The photometric study of variable stars is significant for understanding stellar evolution, classifying stars, and contributing to cosmological research. It enables precise distance measurements, examines exoplanetary systems, and identifies rare astronomical phenomena, thereby expanding our understanding of the universe. The study begins by outlining the fundamentals of variable stars and three methods for analyzing them: photometry, spectroscopy, and spectrophotometry. However, the focus of this study is solely on photometric studies. This work presents an overview of the photometric study of variable stars. Addressing research gaps in photometric studies of variable stars is crucial for improving our understanding of stellar behavior and evolution, with broader implications for astrophysics and cosmology. Future directions include conducting photometric studies on variable stars using machine learning to develop an automated variable star classification system utilizing online telescopic data archives.


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