A Multi-Stage Sample Return Architecture for Interplanetary Exploration with Planetary Protection Measures





Mars, Mars Sample Return Mission, MSR, MSR Architecture, Space Exploration, Planetary Protection


This study proposes a novel multi-stage sample return architecture for missions to near-Earth objects and other planetary bodies.  Our approach prioritizes scientific return while minimizing mission complexity and adhering to planetary protection protocols.  Traditional sample return directly to Earth presents logistical challenges and back contamination risks.  This architecture proposes intermediary destinations, such as the International Space Station (ISS) or lunar laboratories, for initial sample screening and containment.  Following these initial analyses, only demonstrably safe samples would be transferred to Earth for in-depth investigation.  This multi-stage approach leverages existing technologies and promotes responsible planetary exploration.  The paper concludes with a discussion of the mission's feasibility and its potential impact on future interplanetary sample return endeavors.  A schematic of the proposed architecture is included.


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Author Biography

Malaya Kumar Biswal M, Founder and CEO, Acceleron Aerospace, Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560037

Malaya Kumar Biswal M: Malaya Kumar Biswal is the Founder & CEO of Acceleron Aerospace in Bangalore, India. He is a renowned entrepreneur and scientist in aerospace engineering, specializing in space exploration. After earning his bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering, he worked as a Senior Research Scientist at Grahaa Space, focusing on satellite reliability, aerospace design, and space science research. With a visionary mindset, Biswal founded Acceleron Aerospace and now leads the company in revolutionizing the aerospace industry. He is particularly interested in human Mars exploration and envisions ambitious missions to Mars and Ceres. Biswal's achievements have earned him respect in the scientific community, and he actively mentors aspiring scientists, inspiring future space pioneers.




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Biswal M, M. K. (2024). A Multi-Stage Sample Return Architecture for Interplanetary Exploration with Planetary Protection Measures. Acceleron Aerospace Journal, 2(4), 284–286. https://doi.org/10.61359/11.2106-2420